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Purchasing Engineer
Degree of Education:Junior college degree or above Gender:female Age:female Number: 1 Experience:More than 2 yearsAddress:Jinwan District SanzaoAccommodation:accommodateSalary treatment:Negotiable
Duty: 1, data collection and preliminary assessment of new suppliers (production capacity, equipment, delivery, technology, quality, technology and organization) supplier quality department qualified supplier audit and regular maintenance of the list of qualified suppliers; 2, responsible for the existing suppliers price, capacity, quality, delivery of the assessment work, to ensure the suppliers continue continuous improvement, optimize procurement channels; 3, responsible for business negotiation and supplier price bargaining, ready to purchase the contract; 4, responsible for the supplier delivery exception handling;
Qualifications: 1 、 college degree or above, at least 2 years working experience in the same position. 2 、 understanding of metal stamping industry. Have priority in purchasing automotive hardware parts. 3 、 familiar with K3 and ERP operating system. 4, have good language ability and communication ability, have good professional ethics.